Quick Heal 16.00 released!!!

Quick Heal Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has announced that the new and improved Quick Heal 16.00 has now arrived.


Here are some of the salient features of the new and improved Quick Heal 16.00 that you can utilize for your online security needs today.




New Features and Enhancements


Safe Banking

Safe Banking feature is introduced to provide an isolated and secure browsing environment for online banking and payments, which protects users from Internet attacks such as phishing and key loggers attacks etc.


Safe banking can be launched using following ways:


a) Quick Heal Safe Banking shortcut on Desktop

b) Quick Heal System Tray icon popup menu – Safe Banking


Enhanced Firewall

Firewall Protection is enhanced to provide better defense against network threats. Users can also configure protection level, traffic rules, and program rules as required.


Remote Device Management

Quick Heal can be managed remotely using Quick Heal Remote Device Management. It helps user view the security status of the products and renew and manage their licenses etc. Using the portal is free of cost. The portal can be accessed by visiting https://mydevice.quickheal.com


Vulnerability Scanner

Vulnerability Scanner is integrated in Quick Heal. This scan is initiated along with Full System Scan and scans system silently in the background. Scan results can be found in Reports > Vulnerability Scan.


Enhanced Performance

Enhanced performance of all features of Quick Heal to reduce slowing of the system in general, system startup, and overall system performance.


Improved PC2Mobile Scan

PC2Mobile Scan is improved to easily scan the mobile devices.

The process of scanning mobile device using Quick Heal’s PC2 Mobile feature is revamped and

made easier than the previous versions. Earlier, the user was required to select the device only

from the provided list of mobile devices, then add it for scanning and perform scanning of the

device. Now the limitation to scan devices only from the provided list is removed and user can scan almost

any of its phones having Android/iOS/Symbian/Windows/Blackberry operating systems.



Update enhancements

Use stored Quick Heal updates.

This enhancement will reduce Quick Heal’s Internet bandwidth usage on users PCs.

In case Quick Heal is being re-installed on the same PC and user uses older Quick

Heal CD/build to install Quick Heal, then in older versions, all latest updates would

have to be re-download (i.e. from the Virus Database present in the CD/build till


Quick Heal 16.00 stores downloaded updates on user’s PC and re-uses it after reinstallation

which eliminates need of re-downloading the updates.

Use alternate update servers to download updates.

Quick Update has been enhanced to use alternate update servers to download

updates in failure cases like unable to download specific file from server, incorrect

or corrupt file present on the server etc.

This will reduce probability of update failure and will result in less call load at

customer support center.


More Enhancements

Quick Heal uninstallation keeps the backup of license information and downloaded updates, which

makes reactivation on same PC easier and lowers the Internet usage requirement to update Quick


Dashboard Situation notifies user if incorrect system date is found.



Screen 1: Dashboard Situation: Incorrect System Date/Time


Activation enhancements to use stored Quick Heal license information.

This enhancement is helpful when user uninstalls Quick Heal and plans to install it again on

same PC. During Quick Heal 16.00 uninstallation, the user’s Product Key will be stored in the

system and the same can be used to re-activate the product later. User will not be required to

enter the Product Key manually.


Screen 2: Activation Wizard: Product Key found dialog

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