Quick Heal Mail Protection - Windows

Quick Heal Mail Protection - Windows
Product Code: Quick Heal Mail Protection - Windows
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Block. Filter. Manage.

A comprehensive and easy-to-use solution for blocking and filtering incoming and outgoing emails to ensure company security policies compliance.

  • Unauthorized access to the server is blocked thereby reducing server load and increasing the processing speed of mail traffic.
  • Powerful platform-independent antivirus scan engine scans incoming and outgoing email messages and attachments in most formats.

Powerful platform independent scan engine

The advanced antivirus scan engine resolves all compatibility and detection problems with its more powerful and scalable technology, regardless of the system the virus is stored in or made for.

Robust anti-spam engine

Powerful spam filter ensures that fewer spam emails get through the email system. This ensures better IT security against from zero-day threats and outbursts.

Blacklist and Whitelist for email communication

Personal and global blacklists and whitelists can be maintained to restrict or allow email communication from senders that are known to be either malicious or genuine. These lists can be incorporated either on server-wide basis or to machines on individual basis to ensure security against server antivirus.

Effective attachment filters

Outgoing and incoming attachments are persistently scanned to detect any prevalent threats or files that could violate company security policies or lead to data theft or company liability. Details significant to the attachment size, nature and content are scanned actively for effective IT security management purpose.

Automatic Updates

Quick Heal Mail Protection can be configured to upgrade the scan engine automatically for security against new antivirus threats.

Simple deployment and maintenance

Web-based user interface makes configuration and monitoring of protection from any platform workstation. Allows users to set up personal blacklists and whitelists and manage their own quarantined items.

Easy Integration

Designed to be a mail agent independent product for the Windows range of mail servers, the Windows server antivirus security solution is simple to install and easy to use.

Flexible reporting and log distribution

Dashboard provides a unified platform for threat reports and notifications. These reports can be customized extensively based on past incidents to inform system administrators and document owners about active server antivirus threats for effective and complete IT security management.