Quick Heal Exchange Protection

Quick Heal Exchange Protection
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Nimble Scanning. Continuous Antivirus Security. Secured Business Communication.

Layered approach to web security against spam and malicious threats with agile scanning to provide better IT security management.

  • Out-of-the-box criteria based content filtering capabilities.
  • Customizable and easy-to-use administration console.

Virus Scan

The robust server antivirus scanning engine detects viruses and other infections in real time. For improved virus identification, scanning may be initiated at any of the following levels: Transport Scan and Edge Transport Scan.


The strong spam filter feature provides the facility to set AntiSpam rules for all incoming and outgoing emails. Rules can be set in compliance with your company security policies requirements or to restrict spam emails received.

Content Filtering

Filters emails based on various criteria such as sender or sender's domain, keywords used in the subject line, file type and file name in attachment, and words or phrases in the body text. This results in effective server antivirus protection and filtering of every suspicious email.

Schedule Scan

Defining a scan schedule allows mailboxes and public folders to be scanned automatically at certain schedules. Multiple schedules can be defined so that the scanning is initiated at convenient time. Additionally, your mailbox can be scanned manually through Store Scan.


The intuitive software notifies the administrators regularly on virus infections and company security policy breaches in the emails. Notifications include important system events such as license expiry and change of password, so that appropriate actions can be taken on time to avoid any mishap.


This feature provides an in-depth view of all actions and events taken by the software. It also provides the option to save and download reports for future reference and analysis.


Quarantine folder stores emails that breach company security policies such as when virus and spam emails are detected or any email content filtered is found to be not in compliance with antivirus security policy.