Key Features & Benefits

Unified Threat Management: Comprehensive network security protection with advanced threatprotection, email filtering, data-loss prevention and vulnerabilityscanning.

Intuitive and Customizable:Easy to configure and manage with the flexibility to choose thesecurity and UTM options you need.

Advanced Network Segmentation: Support for multiple zones and VDOMs to meet your dataprotection and compliance requirements.

Feature Summary

  • Network Services and Support
  • Wan Optimization, Web Cache and Explicit Proxy
  • Integrated Token Server
  • Firewall
  • Application Control
  • Antimalware/Advanced Threat Protection
  • Wireless and Switch Controller
  • High Availability
  • Data Leak Prevention
  • VPN
  • SSL Inspection
  • IPS
  • Endpoint Control
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Web Filtering
  • Administration Monitoring and Diagnostics
  • Log and Reporting

Complete Security

Fortinet designed and built FortiOS 5 to deliver the advancedprotection and performance that standalone products simplycan’t match. The services work together as a system toprovide better visibility and mitigation of the latest networkand application threats, stopping attacks before damagecan occur.

Unique Visibility and Control

Advanced security features such as flow-based inspectionand integrated wireless controller capability allow you tomonitor and protect your wired and wireless networksfrom endpoints to the core, and from remote offices toheadquarters. FortiOS allows greater traffic visibility andmore consistent, granular control over users, applicationsand sensitive data.

Easier to Manage

FortiOS 5 lowers costs and reduces IT staff workloads.Physical or virtual FortiGate appliances give you the flexibilityto match your security to your environment while enforcinga uniform security policy. Single-pane-of-glass managementand centralized analysis ensure consistent policy creationand enforcement while minimizing deployment andconfiguration challenges.

Securing Mobile Devices

FortiOS 5 helps secure mobile device and BYODenvironments (including iOS®, Android® and Windows®

clients) by identifying devices and applying specific accesspolicies as well as security profiles, according to the devicetype or device group, location, and usage.

Client Reputation

Signature-based security alone is not enough anymore; itis now critical to understand how devices on your networkare behaving. Client Reputation provides a cumulativesecurity ranking of each client device on your network basedon a range of behaviors. It provides specific, actionableinformation that helps identify compromised systems andpotential zero-day attacks in real-time.

Smart Policies

FortiOS 5 enables intelligent, automatic adjustment of rolebasedpolicies for users and guests based on location, data,and application profile. Enhanced reporting and analysisprovides deeper insights into the behavior of your network,users, devices, applications and threats.

Extensive Network Support

FortiOS supports numerous network design requirementsand interoperates with other networking devices. Thisincludes support for a wealth of routing, multicastingand network resiliency protocols. Administrators canalso configure interfaces for VLANs, VLAN trunks, portaggregation and one-armed sniffer mode.It also offers robust high-availability and clustering options,including advanced sub-second failover, virtual clusters andmuch more.

Unified Access Security

FortiOS empowers organizations to apply consistentpolicies across various types of networks, simplifying policyenforcement in today’s complex environments. Its wirelesscontroller features extend the same protection to wirelessnetworks while endpoint control capabilities provision andenforce security for mobile users even when they are awayfrom the office.

Device ID and User ID Access Control

FortiOS supports both local and remote authenticationservices such as LDAP, Radius and TACACS+ to identifyusers and apply access policies and security profilesaccordingly. It simplifies identity-based implementationsand also provides a seamless user authorization experiencewith various single sign-on capabilities. FortiOS can captureterminal service user or wireless login credentials, amongothers, and intelligently apply policies and profiles withoutadditional user input.As device types continue to evolve, you’ll be ready withdevice access control. You can apply security policies basedon the type of device such as computers, tablets or phonesand apply different policies depending if the devices arecompany or privately owned.

Sophisticated Application Control

Identifying applications and providing relevant enforcementis essential in the current Web 2.0 and cloud environments.FortiOS offers gradual controls and can identify over 3,000applications, even those on encrypted channels. It alsooffers mitigation against sophisticated botnet activities thateasily evade traditional firewalls.

Physical and Virtual Segmentation

From simple small wired networks to the complex multitenantmanaged data center environments, FortiOSsupports everything you need to set up and manageyour network traffic. You can configure physical networksegmentation using the LAN ports built-in to every FortiGate,or you can provide virtual segmentation using virtual LANs(VLANs).

Powerful and Scalable Management

FortiManager makes it easy to provision and managethousands of FortiGate devices in a distributed organization.Using standardized setup profiles, you get the abilityto configure a standard set of policy and provisioningworkflows to meet your business needs or compliancestandards. Detailed configuration audit trails are supportedand can reside externally on secured storage withFortiAnalyzer.FortiOS also integrates well with third-party solutions suchas Network Management Systems and SIEMs throughFortinet’s technology alliances.